​Reconnecting in your relationship can be difficult. What once was a harmonious connection to your significant other can become a heavy burden to bear. Instead of supporting each other within your relationship your bond begins to bring one another down. Sometimes this is due to having children, and even when the relationship works for them it can be detrimental to the couple. At other times anger and resentment have built up over years effectively severing the bond of love and cutting short all mutual understanding.

Debbie Tantrum wants to help you repair the damages sustained by couples, whatever their trouble may be. Through counseling couples can learn trust, productive communication, re-establish teamwork, discover old goals and cement old foundations of compassionate understanding, and reorient habitual impulses so as to provide new and invigorating perspectives.

Key to the approach is the development of empathy between couples and realizing the validity of partner’s emotions and moving forward through therapeutic counseling. A therapist’s role is to read the relational patterns so the couple can become more aware and decide to create positive dynamics.

Debbie also works to help couples realize four emotionally fatal states characterized by Dr. John Gottman as the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” (which can signal divorce): 1) defensiveness, 2) criticism, 3) stonewalling, and 4) contempt. By recognizing these ills couples can overcome what seems to be curse relationships behaviors and rediscover love and all of its residual joys: peace, contentment, and lasting happiness.

Couples are encouraged to delve into formative psychological events in their lives, both before and after their relationship, in order to discover emotionally negative structures that subversively guide their decision making and instigate them to self-sabotage. Hope and love are powerful forces. And once the seal of compassion is broken, no force against them can endure for very long. Debbie teaches, trust, trustworthiness, and healing through guided counsel.